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If you are coming from the A1 motorway to Split, take the exit to Trolokve on the road E71, which leads to Trogir. In Trogir, near the big parking lot, where a wooden bridge, for the old town of Trogir, here you can buy feery tickets and put the car in the line for  ferry to embark on Drvenik Veli. Do not prolong to Drvenik Mali.

Disembarking from the ferry as the Normandy landings

When disembarking passengers at Drvenik Veli and small, still unloading with engines turned on and still the boat using the engine pushes toward the dock, until embarking and disembarking all people and cars in and out of the ferry as it was landing at the Normandy , as the locals call it. Therefore, make sure your feet, because the ramp is always slightly moves. All this takes place in only 5 to 10 minutes and then the universal hustle and scrimmage, yelling. Do not let that scare after this experience and you will be delighted with the bustle and southern mentality.

The ferry to Drvenik

View from the ferry to Drvenik Veli

Timetable ferry