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Villa for rent at Veli Drvenik in cove Kokošinje, isolated. The famous Russian billionaire and owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich anchored his yacht just in the cove! Located next to the famous Krknjaši and Solinska, on the south side of the island, which overlooks the island of Šolta and Svetac. On the way to the house you will feel and understand the magic of the island. You will feel smell of olive trees and the sea, the sound of waves. While you are "nowhere" you does't have to give up comfort. Amenities: electricity, water, 2x gas cooker, fridge, 2x TV, 2x toilet, shower, outdoor shower. You are 10 meters from the sea, your natural stone beach, away from the world. With the awakening of seagulls and waves lullaby, and you have everything like an ordinary city apartment. Robinson Crusoe holiday, with modern conveniences! We rent an stone house, the living room with kitchen, two small bedrooms - 3x bed and 3x couches that are converted to beds (one in house, two on terrace)., a bathroom and toilet, a terrace, covered porch with fireplace. We use rainwater that is collected in the water tank. We take a lot of care of cleanliness, because we drink that water. You can walk the paths around the island, the longest walk takes about 45 minutes or ride a bike, climb the hills on the island, swim, dive, fish. You can also buy fresh fish from local fishermen. Villa Utula is located next to a pines, on the shore of the crystal clear Adriatic Sea (10 m from the sea), and 2.5 miles of village Drvenik on Island Drvenik Veli. Stone living room with large glass openings area of ​​35 m2 is a central part of the house and connected with a terrace, a corridor with a bathroom, a summer kitchen with fireplace. Inner part of the house (two bedrooms, living room with kitchen and dining room and a small toilet). When you look east from the living room you see spectacular view of day and night. Large aluminum windows on a terrace are providing complete openness of living room on the east side and unforgettable experience of sunrise at dawn. Villa Utula uses energy from renewable sources. Water is obtained from the rain, and the water tank with a capacity of 5,000 liters built storage. This water is from water tank, something like the well. The water is treated regularly, it's clean and we give a lot of concern about it. Of course, we drink that water! The water is soft and better than regular water from the river, because there is no scale. For example, if you are making tea, it will be much tastier, the hair washed with that water much softer, etc. There are plenty of water for all your needs. Electricity is produced from the sun, transformed through solar collectors and stored in large capacity batteries (720 Ah), hot water tank has a capacity of 80 liters. Villa Utula hasn't air condition, because it's walls are 45 cm thick, and the roof is insulated in accordance with the best standards, which is why air conditioner is not required. The Villa is fully equipped with 2x LCD TV, stove, refrigerator, garden furniture, swings under the tree, outdoor shower, barbecue, terrace overlooking the sea. Private parking is provided at the end of country roads, while a berth for small boats is available. The Villa has it's own infrastructure: solar power (1000 W), generator (2800 W) and the water tank of 5000 L.

Cove Kokošinje where the Villa Utula is placed


If you want to get more out of the holiday and experience the true pleasure of the sea we provide the perfect solution - a fishing trip! How has himself fishing in the Adriatic and our island way of life and with whom we are bound by history, we want that special experience transferred to you! Every morning we see curious locals and visitors to the seafront waiting for the return of early morning fishermen and wonder if it will still come with full nets. Hardworking fishermen in the midst of hard work simply are not able to pass on alone charm of fishing. That's why we want make to you more realistic to convey the magic of connecting man and the sea!

Watching the star sky from the Villa Utula

Strong night light has a devastating impact on astronomy, due to incapability of observing the night sky because of the strong glare of light from the big cities, so to observe the star sky should first find an area that is far enough from the city to avoid light pollution. Then it will take about 20 minutes of looking at the sky while your eyes adjust to the darkness, after which you will begin to distinguish traces across the sky. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the center of the Milky Way will be low in the southern sky, a bright strip of the Milky Way will extend over an arc across the eastern sky. If you live in the southern hemisphere, the center of the Milky Way will be almost overhead, and a great strip of the Milky Way stretching from the southwest to the northeast horizon. For watching the star sky from the Villa Utula you have an ideal opportunity to observe clean and free of light pollution the stars and constellations in their best one in their best light and splendor.

Delicacies from the sea , you can ' pick ' literally alone

Some delicious , tasty and healthy delicacies from the sea , you can ' pick ' literally alone in a nearby shallow waters , without any costly and demanding equipment and additional skills . You do not need neither boat nor hook , you do not need big lungs to dive even underwater fishing equipment . All you need is possibly mask , slightly sharp knife and good vision . Just anyone can make a real gastronomic treat for nil.




Seize the day on the beach to renew your body

Finally vacation "," uhuuu, holidays ... "these days are the most frequent exclamations. Summer pleasure only briefly disrupt the heat wave with temperatures too high will climb to 40 degrees Celsius, but offers refreshment sea, which is most sensitive and good for swimming, so it should be used, of course, avoiding the day when the sun is strongest. In addition to refreshments, sea offers a real treasure of medicinal substances for the body and soul, which is known by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato zapisavši "More deletes all the problems," the poet Euripides confirmed that "not a man returns to health." No one so far has not denied, moreover, modern medicine confirms their findings. Restores health Our distant ancestors appreciated the beneficial effects of the sun, air and sea water, believing that in this synergy hidden healing powers. The ancient Greeks were the first to introduce the treatment of sea water - Thalassotherapy (from the Greek "thalassa", meaning sea), which is on the Greek islands of Corfu and Rhodes and used 2500 years ago for the treatment of diseases such as eczema, arthritis, asthma, psoriasis and back pain . Sea water contains all the important elements that are necessary for our body life. All of them while bathing slowly penetrate the skin more deeply into our body and participate in the reconstruction of cells, strengthen the defense capacity, stimulate the metabolism, clean the skin, reduce cellulite and prevent inflammation. For all these medicinal properties Experts advise to not use as much as possible, especially in summer, because we will be easier to win the battle against stress and alleviate the problems with the spine and muscles. How to Swim Swimming is beneficial for the cardiovascular system as the movement quickly excrete waste products and stimulates circulation. Swimming contributes to the overall fit and well you burn calories. Water or not, in principle, the joints act relieving and relaxing the muscles. Do you want to support the rehabilitation, a physiotherapist Vinko Tranfić advises exercises direction and way of swimming that you support therapy. For example, the most sensitive parts of the spine, cartilage discs between the vertebrae, bending forward damages the rear parts. This confirms deficient mobility in the direction towards the rear in physiotherapy tests. Therefore, the preferred treatment of low back pain and sciatica (traction and manual medicine - chiropractic), and neck pain syndromes, best accompanied backstroke. On the same principle, only a lot more intensity, acting chair for balancing the spine. Crawl out of the question, with the feet hovering just follow the hull stretching cross. After returning to dry muscular tension is reduced, especially the legs, so when taking and sliding down the things on the ground should be properly squat. Often due to such transient muscle weakness discus is binding nerve just then, warns Tranfić. While swimming, it is good to soak nose into the water because we then breathe easier because the sea water containing iodine to clean the sinuses, helps with weakness and fatigue, calms the nerves, relieves heart rate and stimulates growth. If you are staying in areas that are rich in healing mud, which is the perfect gift of nature, be sure to use it because it helps after surgery, rheumatic diseases, respiratory ailments, and various skin and gynecological diseases.

Sea cure diseases of the upper respiratory tract and even prevents operation "third tonsil" ?!

Sea water, swimming, diving in the sea, what our people say "heads under the water" helps in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In what sense? Fits Ph.D. Roje: "Sea water is hypertonic solution ie. There is a surplus of various ions, primarily those of sodium and chlorine and acts on the lining such that the dehydrating fluid from the mucosa of the upper airways, and this leads to a thickness of the lining while deflated accordingly can easily breathe through the nose. Not only leads to deflated mucosal but also leads to a reduction of lymph tissue located primarily in the area of ​​the nose, and it is the infamous 'third tonsil' or 'third madnula' what's so many stories lately. " Very often children have to operate "third tonsil" in order to breathe, sleep and eat. So, children living by the sea can sometimes avoid surgery if the intense swimming, at least three months a year. Doctor, how? "Make sure you head to go under the sea and of course you can not kid clog your nose. If you're doing it systematically and take himself to task as therapy then you can happen to a child, that you have a recommendation before the summer that must operate third tonsils, in September, when you get to control, the doctor decides that the third tonsil reduced and that operation is not required. " Parents, make the upcoming summer months. Children let him swim and dive in the sea as much as possible. If the child already has to go to surgery let it be when we take advantage of all the possibilities of conservative treatment and swimming in the sea is one of them.